Zinc Plating Process

Alkaline Zinc

Luster-On CNX-55

An alkaline, cyanide-free process which produces bright, lusterous deposits over a wide current density range. The process is suitable for  both rack and barrel plating. Deposits are bright and burn-free and are readily receptive to both yellow and blue-bright chromating. The low metal concentrations provide excellent throwing power and uniformity of deposit. Low operating costs and simplified waste treatment.

Luster-On CNX-77

An alkaline, cyanide-free zinc plating process that provides bright, very low stressed deposits over a wide current density range. The higher metal concentrations result in excellent bath efficiency and burn free plating with a single addition agent. Very well suited to both rack and barrel operations. Excellent for parts that will be formed or crimped after plating.

Acid Zinc

Luster-On Z-30/33W

A chloride zinc plating system which produces full bright, level, ductile deposits over wide current density range. Designed for both rack and barrel installations.

Luster-On Z-30/35W

An acid zinc plating system that provides full bright ductile  deposits with low concentration of organic additions agents. Specially formulated for use in higher temperature operations. Solution will not "cloud-out" at elevated temperatures.

Luster-On Z-40/41W

All of the features of the Z-30/35W process with the added advantage of lower zinc metal concentrations lending to easier waste treatment and lower waste treatment costs.

Luster-On ZinCo

An acid-based zinc-cobalt alloy plating system that delivers full bright, highly corrosion resistant deposits over a wide current density range. Corrosion resistance is dramatically enhanced when compared to conventional zinc systems.

Cyanide Zinc

Luster-On 1515

A brightener system for conventional and low cyanide zinc plating solutions. It is a full range system that will produce bright, level deposits over a wide range of operating conditions and cyanide levels as low as one ounce per gallon. It is designed for both barrel and rack operations. The non-aldehyde based 1515 system has excellent throwing power and greater temperature tolerance that competitive systems.

Luster-On 1515 Purifier

A concentrated non-sulfide product for use with the 1515 process.